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2nd Grade Newsletter

                                      Mr. Landis                                                  



Supplies – The school has provided some basic supplies to get the students started this year. Students will receive 1 pencil each month. Purchasing a backpack for your child is highly recommended! It might also be a good idea to send extra pencils for your child in case they lose it or over-sharpen it throughout the month.


Homework – Homework will always be assigned on Mondays in the form of a packet. Your child will work on this packet throughout the week and turn it in each Friday morning. Your child will earn points for their homework grade. If they do not turn it in, they will not earn points and they will lose a recess that day. If they turn it in late they will lose 10% of the total possible points for each day it is late and lose a recess each day until they turn it in. Please make sure that you sign the cover sheet of the homework packet after the homework is complete, so that I know you have seen the homework and helped your child with it. Please make sure your child's homework is completed in their handwriting. Believe it or not I have an issue with this almost every year. Helping your child with their homework does not mean you are doing it for them. It is very important that we work together this year to insure that your child gets all the help they need to be successful. Thank you!


Reading Charts- Students will bring home a reading chart in their homework folder each night. Students have the option to read for at least 15 minutes and have their charts filled out and signed by a parent. If they return their chart, they will earn Concho Bucks. This is a great way to improve their reading skills! The more a child reads, the better reader they will become. Remember the chart has to be returned every day to get credit for reading.


Snacks – The school will provide a healthy snack each day for your child. Students are allowed to bring their own snack as long as it is a healthy snack.   


Water Bottles- Students are allowed to bring a water bottle to keep on their desk at school. I ask that you please make sure that it is a bottle that has a closable lid and that it is a reusable bottle. Disposable water bottles are not designed to be used over and over and therefore will not be allowed in the classroom.


Start of the Year – The first days of school are the most important days of the year. These days set the tone for the rest of the year. I am concentrating on making sure that the students understand my expectations and rules and procedures in the classroom. At home, check their behavior chart daily and please talk with them about school and how important it is to be a responsible student in 2nd grade. The more interest that you show, the harder your child will try in school. Asking them what they learn and praising them each day will make a big difference in their effort. Together, we can make this a great year for your child!




2nd Grade Pullout  Schedule

Monday  P.E. (11:45-12:30)    Computers (1:15-2:00)

Tuesday  Music (11:45-12:30)

Wednesday  P.E.( 11:45-12:30) Library (1:15-2:00)

Thursday  Music (11:45-12:30)

Friday  P.E. (11:45-12:30)