Click on this link to view Governing Board Policies located on the Arizona School Board Association Website

In accordance with ARS 38-431.02(2)(a)(2010), the Concho Elementary District #6 School Board Secretary will post a copy of monthly meeting agenda on this site, and notice of physical posting locations. Any questions should be directed to Mrs. Susan Buttler, School Board Secretary at 928-337-4665 x312.

Physical Posting Locations:

1. Front Entrance of Concho Elementary School, #6 County Road 5101, Concho, AZ
2. Community Bill Board at Concho, AZ Post Office, Highway 61, Concho, AZ
3. Community Bill Board – Jiffy Store, Highway 61 and Commercial Drive, Concho, AZ 

Digital Location – See Below

Meeting Times – The regular monthly Governing Board meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at  5:00 pm in the School Library