(Approximate time schedules (+/- 5 min.)
Please be at your stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
6:23am/3:44pm 180A MM 348.1
6:30am/3:50pm180A END
6:40am/3:40pmLavender F/180A
6:44am/3:38pm 35426 180A
6:50am/3:30pm11 Mesquite
6:53am/3:28pm9 Cedar
6:55am/3:26pm 13 Navajo
7:00am/3:25pm61 SHORT
7:02am/3:24pm35 ZUNI
7:03am/3:23pm 25 Zuni
7:05am/3:21pm98 ALPINE
7:07am/3:19pm13 SHORT
7:07am/3:19pm 18 SHORT
7:08am/3:17pm41 Short
7:09am/3:16pm49 Bonita
7:10am/3:15pm 31 Bonita
7:11am/3:15pm25 Bonita
7:12am/3:13pm6 Crest
7:14am/3:12pm57 CREST
7:15am/3:10pm 121 FRONTAGE
7:20am/3:04pm71 Frontage
7:21am/3:03pm 67 FRONTAGE