Concho Elementary School District No. 6
Technology Acceptable Use Policy
Accepted by Concho Elementary School Board – Updated May 2020


The purpose of this Technology Acceptable Use Policy (TAUP) is to clarify the use of District technology resources for the staff and students of Concho Elementary School District No. 6. This policy applies to all students, staff and others having access to the District network (users). While this policy is NOT intended to prohibit or discourage use of the Internet or resources, it is designed to protect the users and the District against potential liability, security threats and vulnerabilities.


The District’s Technology Acceptable Use Policy is enforced to prevent unauthorized access and activities by online and users of technology, to prevent unauthorized disclosure or access to sensitive information, and comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Users will have no expectation of privacy regarding the use of any technology related resources, including the computer network, WiFi/Internet, email, and telephone. The District reserves the right to access, view, modify, copy, store, delete and restore computer and network data and to disclose such information to the appropriate parties.

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