Welcome to the Concho Elementary School Student Transportation page. Concho School transports approximately 270 students each day. Because of our rural district, we discourage children 5th grade and under to walk home from the school bus stop without written permission on file with our office.

SNOW DAYS: For information about school delays or cancellation due to weather, we send out a computer generated voice message to the phone #’s listed for each of our students and staff. You can listen to your local radio station 92.5, 92.1, 95.7 or call the school and listen to the school delay message (928) 337-4665.

If you have any other questions about your student’s transportation contact Transportation Supervisor Josh Wheeler at:
Office: (928) 337-3206
Cell: (928) 205-3701

Click the links to the below to see a list of bus pickup and drop off points with approximate time schedules (+/- 5 min.)
Please be at your stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

Bus Route Schedules

NameRoute (Bus#)Driver
Concho Valley / 180 A1   (15)
Concho Valley / Hwy 61 / SW2   (14)   
Concho Valley / Concho Hwy3   (17)
Pre-School Mid-dayPre-K (15)
SPED Route

BRHS Route
SJHS Route